Kerala Will Address Issues Raised by The Railway Ministry Over The SilverLine Project

The Kerala Rail Development Corporation (K-Rail), which is responsible for the SilverLine project, will respond to the concerns mentioned in the papers. As public outrage grows over the Kerala government’s recent SilverLine semi-high-speed rail project, the state administration has devised a counter-campaign. As it prepares to address concerns highlighted by the Union Railway Ministry, the state government has released a new campaign. It will assuage public and other opposition to the new train line connecting the state’s two extremities.

The official response to the questions posed by Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw in his October discussion with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is in the works. The Union Railway Ministry recently handed over the minutes of the last meeting to the State Government. Details provided in the SilverLine project study were not sufficient. The Ministry was also curious as to how the State Legislature got at a project cost of above Rs 63,000 crore.

The Union Railway Minister recently told parliament members from the opposing United Democratic Front that no judgment on the project has been made yet. He reminded him that any final decision will be made once the viability study’s conclusion was received. The Minister also stated that the Railways were not prepared to meet the program’s financial obligations. He claimed that the state government failed to provide enough information. And did not provide an adequate explanation of the project cost. 

Likewise, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has begun a media campaign in support of the SilverLine project. In support of the cause, he uploaded an awareness video. According to Pinarayi, a piece of the project was sabotaged by spreading canard. He said that the state had a long history of resisting attempts to sabotage resilient and secure projects. He asked the public to work together to make the project a huge success.

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