Kerala: These couples climb up the education ladder together.

Why women’s education in India is such a problem? How can patriarchy be abolished? Are women still a burden in a developing country like India? Literacy is the only way that can take India ahead. “Around 15 years ago, my parents got me married, after completing SSLC. They were illiterate and did not know the value of higher education. When I became the mother of three children, I realized teaching them is so difficult. Especially when they have gone to English medium school, I realized how difficult it is to teach them even in primary classes. So, I decided to study more”, says Jinsamol TP – a 38-year-old student of a higher secondary equivalent course.

Along with Jinsamol, her husband Shameer will also be appearing for the examination. They both could not pursue higher education in their school days due to their family issues. Jinsamol and Shameer are a middle-aged couple who want to opt for a higher secondary education course examination conducted on Monday by the Kerala State Literacy Mission. Other couples like them want to take this examination together and progress in their life.

In this situation, classes are conducted online, which is a blessing to many working women who have to manage their office schedule and their household.
India has seen drastic changes over the years in the fields of science and technology. Still, education for women is a matter of great concern. A higher percentage of rural women get married at a tender age due to their poverty-stricken families. These couples are an inspiration to all of us. They have proved that it is willpower that matters most, and age is just a number. Despite facing various hurdles in their lives, they never gave up and want to pursue higher education.

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