Kerala seems to look down upon weekend lockdown.

Is the Kerala government acting right? Does the government not care about the people anymore? Is the pandemic just another disease for them? The Kerala state government may pull out the weekend lockdown as it neglected to cut down the Covid 19 cases and the test energy rate. On Sunday, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) encouraged the Kerala government to pull out lockdown unwinding for Bakrid amid theories of the third flood of Covid and cautioned against making a difference to the Supreme Court.

“Tormented to see in the midst of the ascent of cases and Seropositivity, the Kerala Government has given a request to back out lockdown continued in the state on the appearance of strict social events of Bakrid,” IMA said in a proclamation.

The weekend lockdown forced in the state is probably going to be lifted. Signs are that further limitations will be after the division of the miniature regulation area. An ultimate choice will be taken at the audit meeting led by the main clergyman this evening. There were reactions from different quarters in proceeding with the end-of-the-week lockdown. It was condemned, saying that it would prompt an expanded scramble for Fridays and Mondays. A choice will be taken today on what ought to be the lockdown limitations in the wake of an ascent in test energy rates. The audit meeting is at 3.30 pm this evening. 

The ideal opportunity for the opening of shops was stretched out, taking into account Bakrid. The gathering to be met today will evaluate the circumstance after July 22. The checks facilitated as a feature of Bakrid will end today. People in general and dealers are quite agitated against the actions carried out to control the spread of Covid-19. They named the actions informal as individuals began rushing public puts on other days. By considering this, the public authority may pull out the end-of-the-week lockdowns.


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