Kerala Police Halted an Investigation Into False News About Me: Governor Sreedharan Pillai

Kerala Police, PS Sreedharan Pillai, the governor of Goa, claims that the Kerala Cops degraded him by interfering with a report he made against a Fb page. Pillai was the Governor of Mizoram at the time of the incident, which occurred during the first phase of the COVID-19. “What would happen to the issues voiced by regular people if a complaint lodged by the Raj Bhavan in favor of the Governors is treated in such a sloppy manner?” Pillai questioned.

During the first stage of COVID-19, a bogus post on the Fb page ‘Kavimannu’ claimed that I was in a serious state owing to the outbreak and related illness and that I’m in serious condition. Millions of people reposted Pillai’s tweet, he said. The Mizoram Raj Bhavan Secretary then filed a police report at Thiruvananthapuram’s Cantonment police headquarters. However, little progress was made in the case also after 2 years. “I recently learned that the State Police had purposefully introduced an error in the form filed to Facebook requesting details of Kavimannu, allowing the social media officials to escape the police’s inquiries,” the Governor stated. 

Every day we get to see political disputes.  Where two parties blame each other.  Is there any benefit to the people of the country in this?  This is just a political agenda, where the government only cares about their power. Pillai went on to say that, despite its name, Kavimannu has no ties to the BJP. “However, I still don’t know who distributed the incorrect information about me,” he stated.

Pillai commented on the continuing feud between Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan and the state administration. To demonstrate his point, Pillai used an occurrence in Goa. “I picked Dr. Harilal Menon, who has had more experience and credentials, over the state government’s advice while choosing the Vice-Chancellor of Goa University. Before announcing my decision, I had presented the situation to the state government and persuaded it “Pillai stated.

Pillai also discussed the controversy surrounding his comments on the protests against women entering the Sabarimala Temple during the conversation. “I make no apologies for saying that the uproar was a “great chance” for the BJP. What’s wrong with a party president encouraging members to take advantage of the uproar for the party’s benefit?” He inquired. However, Pillai expressed out that the address was aired without his request to use the uproar ‘peacefully.’

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