Kerala man’s FB page has huge hit

Kerala man’s

Kerala man’s FB page is a huge hit, Krishnaprasad is among one the sought after social media activists. The Indian Book of Records honoured him earlier this month for his effort.

From vaccination slots, bed availability or total cases and the number of recovered patients, ‘One Stop Destination’ carries all details of the pandemic in the state. His site also carries details of positive cases and deaths around the country and the world.

“I started collecting statistics about the pandemic as a hobby in April 2020. Later, I found many people interested in it so I began posting all details without fail on Facebook. I have posted more than 10,800 updates since then,” Krishnaprasad, who works with the state health department as a junior clerk, said.

FB page has huge hit

Krishnaprasad meticulously scans important medical journals and available scientific papers on the pandemic and shares the updates with his followers. “I am not earning any monetary benefit from this, I just see it as my duty toward society,” said the 40-year-old. Initially, his wife, who is a teacher, helped him and he said she inspired him a lot.

He is a data analysis by hobby and has worked with the Tata Mutual Fund for more than 10 years. But later, due to domestic reasons, he had to move to Kerala and later joined the government service after clearing the state public service commission.

Krishnaprasad mentioned that he regularly scan official websites of all medical bodies, medical journals, experts, Twitter handles and research papers. Many experts also share their data with him.

Many medical experts praised his efforts.

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