Kerala Man who Supposedly Cheated People By Posing As Collector Of Rare Artefacts Arrested

Kerala Man who Supposedly Cheated People

Collector Of Rare Artefacts, Monson Mavunkal is a Cherthala resident. Police arrested him, on allegations of defrauding. He did this by convincing them that he was a collector of historical antiques and antiquities. In actuality, most of the “artifacts” in his Kochi house are low-cost knock-offs created by local carpenters.

The staff of Moses, Tipu Sultan’s throne, Chhatrapati Shivaji’s copy of  Bhagavad Gita, Aurangzeb’s ring, and St Antony’s fingernail were among his possessions.

Mavunkal (52), a YouTuber with extensive ties in the spheres of bureaucracy, film, and politics, was arrested based on the joint complaints. Mavunkal defrauded Anoop V Ahmed, YakoobPurayil, MT Shameer, SalimEdathil, SiddiquePurayil, and Shanimon of Rs 10 crore since June 2017.

The lawsuit obtained by shed light on Mavunkal easy scheme to defraud people. Due to Reserve Bank FEMA regulations, he brags about having Rs 2.6 lakh crore in a foreign bank account. He stated that the money came from royal families in Gulf nations in exchange for the items he sold them. He’d then offer individuals a stake in a massive museum project. 

By Posing As Collector Of Rare Artefacts Arrested

When pressed to refund their money, the complainants claimed that Mavunkal used his power and personal ties. This was with prominent police officers and politicians to deter them.

Although manual has invited some notable figures from politics, cinema, law enforcement, and bureaucracy to his leased home in Kochi. This is to show off the “artifacts” throughout the years. He was with former state police head  ADGP, former DIG, actor, Kannur MP, and state Congress in pictures surfaced in the hours following his detention.

According to the lawsuit, the 52-year-old reportedly falsified bank and government papers. He misrepresented phony antiques as genuine on social media sites. The man further used famous people as intermediaries in financial transactions to defraud others. This Kerala resident owns expensive automobiles in front of his Kochi house as proof of his opulent lifestyle.

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