Kerala man sexually assaulted his sister-in-law.

Today, Sexual assault on a woman is one of the significant causes of death. No matter the age, there are monsters out there who rip them apart. We see a two-year-old girl struggling to breathe as the pain takes over. We see a woman in her teens or adulthood sexually assaulted. The pain they go through is unbearable. Society today sometimes throws a blind eye to such issues. More than a thousand rape cases go unnoticed every day. Not every woman shares her story, because today a woman who is a victim of rape is not treated with respect. People judge her and throw dirty glances in her direction. She has to go through mental trauma every day. She has to wake up and feel the judgemental eyes of people, and there is nothing she can do about it.

Now imagine a family member forcing himself on a woman. How horrendous is that? The family that is supposed to protect her no matter what are the people who hurt her. In Kerala recently, there was one such case. A man, Ratheesh, raped his sister-in-law on July 23rd and murdered her in cold blood. That day the girl was working at the hospital as usual. She had a late-night shift, so like he does every time Ratheesh picked her up from the hospital. Later he took her to his house.

At that time, the sister-in-law was in a relationship. It was severe, and there were planning to get married. But Ratheesh didn’t like this at all. So he started questioning her about it and hit her. The girl soon fell unconscious. That is when Ratheesh raped her and then strangled her to death. He left the dead body soaked in the mud at his house and took off. When the girl’s parents filed a missing person complaint to the police, they started an investigation. They found her body in Ratheesh’s house. Later the same day, they arrested Ratheesh and charged him with Rape and murder charges.

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