Kerala man questioning the government.

Today it has been almost three years since the time we start battling against the COVID virus. The consequences of the pandemic were catastrophic. There are millions of cases right now, with over 3 lakh deaths in India alone. People are struggling every day and trying their best not to be a victim to the offensive threat. The number of cases in India is drastic and a lot daunting. Kerala is one of the first and most affected regions. Every day we see people struggling to recover from the adverse effects of the virus.

The first time people got attacked, it was a terrifying experience. The government shut down schools, colleges, clubs, malls, movie theatres, grocery stores, travel stations, and many more. Companies started adapting to the work-from-home culture so that they don’t have to risk getting affected. Though today people are getting a vaccination, the threat didn’t decrease a bit. It is just an extra layer of protection, but the patients are still in harm’s way.

So with everything being catastrophic, we need to follow the lockdown rules. But what if the government that sets up these rules are themselves not following them?

Sanuf Mohad, a Kerala working man, recently came across a situation where he saw multiple congress officials sitting at dinner and chatting. He questioned them regarding why they are breaking the rules and dining outside. But his comment was taking nonchalantly. And when he fought back, he started getting threatening calls and was accused of touching the hand of a female MP.

When the media questioned the MP on what happened, she proclaimed that she wasn’t dining but was waiting for a parcel. But the youtube video that Sanuf posted on his page shows a different story. It shows the congressmen sitting in a group with no concern for social distancing and chatting away. To watch the video you can visit this link :-

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