Kerala man hides lover for 10 years

Kerala man hides lover for 10 years, who used to go very popular earlier this year. It was after the discovery that after secretly living together for ten years, they finally married. Rahman made news for keeping his sweetheart Sajitha concealed in a single room in his family house for ten years without anyone’s knowledge. He married her lawfully on Wednesday in Nenmara.

Rahman’s parents and relatives did not appear.

The marriage happened under the Special Marriage Act in a non-religious ceremony at a sub-registrar office locally. Sajitha was decked up in an ordinary cotton salwar. She appeared pleased and secure as she signed the marriage paperwork alongside Rahman. He was dressed in a traditional mundu (dhoti) and shirt.

K Babu, Local MLA, presented the newlyweds with a bouquet at the Registrar’s office. They were present with the wife, Sajitha parents, Santha and Velayudhan. Rahman’s relatives, especially his parents, who were opposed to the union, were not present at the event.

From now on, they want to live a happy and tranquil existence, Rahman added.

Basheer, a truck driver, noticed his brother Rahman riding a motorbike in Nenmara town, some 30 kilometers from Palakkad, on June 7, 2021. It was because Rahman’s family hadn’t seen him since March 10. So Basheer decided to pursue him. He also decided to inform the authorities.

He brought them to his leased apartment in a nearby neighborhood named Vithanassery. Authorities discovered a lady there.  She claimed to be his 35-year-wife. When they interrogated her, they discovered she was Sajitha. She had been missing for 11 years from the same police station limits.

Officials were skeptical of Rahman’s claim. They said that Sajitha had lived with him in his room for more than a decade, just 100 meters from her family’s house. Even Rahman’s parents, who shared a house with him, had no idea.

What had happened 10 years ago?

Sajitha was one of her parents’ three children. She supposedly went to the residence of her relative in February 2010. Then she did not return.But the police were unable to locate her. Eventually, the family lost up hope of ever finding her. The village had virtually forgotten about her as well. Many assumed she had eloped with someone to Tamil Nadu, a police official explained.

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