Kerala Man Attacked Bus Conductor

Kerala Man

Kerala Man, India is one of the most populated country and the crime rate is increasing with each passing day. Different types of crimes are emerging ranging from tragic crimes cases to robbery and rapes are affecting the entire nation at a periodic interval. .Also with the increasing involvement of media criminal cases are getting covered at a high time in a sensational way to attract more number of viewers. Government and public should consider necessary steps to keep a check on the crimes.

KOCHI: On Friday, police arrested a 25-year-old man. Because he was involved in torturing and abusing a conductor in a KSRTC government bus providing; its services between Perinthalmanna and Thiruvananthapuram. This mishap was observed when the bus reached a stoppage known as Perumbavoor. Joseph George, Akanaad, Vengoor, Kaattaath, Mudakuzha was the persons who were arrested by the police as a victim. The police stated that the accused person had a dispute with the bus conductor because he denied the bus stoppage. By representing it as a superfast bus at Vallam; nearby Perumbavoor and said that the bus had no stop at the particular point.

 The man was arrested for extortion.

Kalady police arrested a 25-year-old man detained in police custody on Friday; because of his involvement after assaulting a middle-aged man and threatening to trap him in a candied fruit trap. The detained person was Ayyampuzha, namely Nikhil, of 25 years. Further, when the police conducted an investigation. It was found that the accused pressurized and forcefully extorted rupees; 10 lakh from a man who was traveling from Manjapra. And when the men refused and failed to pay the money, he was assaulted by the accused. The police stated that the accused was recently released after being in prison under the Kerala Anti-Social Activity Prevention Act.

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