Kerala has 44 more Omicron instances

Kerala has 44 more

Kerala has 44 more Omicron instances, Is India closing towards the third wave of the pandemic? Will there be another lockdown in the country? What does the government have in mind? Will the central government take charge, or will states manage independently? Can India manage to fight this virus? Is the Omicron virus more infectious than the Delta variant.

Omicron virus is less infectious than Delta variant. But this virus spreads much faster than any other variant.
On Friday, Health Minister Veena George said that 44 more people had contracted the COVID-19 Omicron.
Twelve new cases were recorded in Ernakulam. Ten in Kollam and eight more in Thiruvananthapuram. Four in Thrissur. Two each in Kottayam, Palakkad, Malappuram, and Kannur. Lastly, one each in Alappuzha and Idukki.

At least ten affected people came from high-risk countries. On the other hand, twenty-seven came from low-risk countries. They had travelled to Kerala from several countries.

Omicron instances

Thirteen people travelled from the United Arab Emirates, and there are three each from the United Kingdom and Qatar. And one each from South Africa, Israel, Malta, Nigeria, Spain, and Sweden.

According to Ms George, 107 people have contracted Omicron throughout the state. Of the total Omicron cases, 41 had arrived in Kerala from high-risk countries. The remaining 52 had come from low-risk countries. The majority of the patients were from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with 29 patients, and the United Kingdom (UK), with 23 individuals.

Given the persistent rise in Omicron infections, Ms George recommended the public practice utmost caution. She advised citizens to avoid crowds, and it is requested that everyone wears a mask and keep their distance.
Ms George has announced a specific campaign to close COVID-19 immunization gaps. The two-day event will begin on Saturday. She urged people who haven’t been vaccinated or are due for a second dose to benefit the program.

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