Kerala CM’s entourage strengthened?

On February 14, S. Sarath who was buying medicines for his 4-year-old was threatened to leave without buying medicine stating he was obstructing the CM pass-through. Since the CM is given Z-level security, no one is allowed to park vehicles on either side of the road obstructing the way. Disappointed by the impudence of the police officer, Kottayam man S Sarath complained to the atrocious policeman. An immigrant clad in a black shirt, a tea shop owner, and the intervened medical shop owners too were threatened. Following this, the Human Rights Commission filed a case against the policeman and demanded a probe into the issue.

It was 6.45 PM the incident happened on the CM’s way back home. The government is censured for the excessive reverence for the CM that affects the lives of common men.

Opposition leader V D Satheesan commented on the police not to treat the CM as more loyal than a king and added the CM is afraid of the public and that he shuns the people away from him.

Why did the security increase now?

In spite of criticisms about the inconvenience caused by security measures, security is strengthened. Before it was seven vehicles and 40 securities now it has doubled when he was at Muskat hotel to attend a meeting. It is said again the same procedure will be followed on his way back. 

The recent allegations raised against the CM are considered a setback in his political career. 

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