Kerala bus fare table 2021

Kerala bus fare table 2021 Private bus fares in the state are expected to rise soon, with Transport Minister Antony Raju implying that a decision will be made on the requirements of bus owners’ unions without imposing a significant additional burden on the public.

He told reporters after the second round of discussions with the union members on Saturday that the government was contemplating the demand for a bus fare increase in light of the massive increase in fuel prices.

The minimum fare should be raised from ₹8 to ₹12, and the rate for students should be raised to ₹6, according to a coordination committee of various bus owner unions. Permission to charge ₹1 for every extra kilometer and a diesel subsidy were also demanded. They had quoted the loss sustained after the COVID-19 outbreak due to prolonged lockdowns and low numbers of commuters even after the reopening, in addition to the fuel price hikes.

“Attributed to the rise in fuel prices, the government may consider their demand for an increase in bus fares.” Even they understand that the government will not be able to meet all of their demands. We will make every effort to make a decision that will not place an undue burden on the public. A decision will also be made on the date from which the fares must be revised.  Talks with the Ramachandran commission will be held before a decision is made.” said Mr. Raju

The owners of private buses had previously called for a strike on November 9 to press their demands. Following last-minute talks presided over by the Minister, the strike was averted.

He had previously stated that the government would take into account all demands and make a decision by November 18. However, at Saturday’s meeting, agreement on a minimum fare proved elusive, and the government was not keen on proceeding with the tax relief it had approved following the pandemic outbreak.

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