Karnataka excavates up streets on Kerala border to control traffic among Coronavirus surge

The police asked that they excavated up streets in the jurisdiction of Karnataka because they were facing troubles or issues in checking every person who crossed the Kerala border. Also, an official said, the police in Dakshina Kannada district are blocking streets at starting points. They speak on a situation of mystery from the previous few days. They deployed earthmovers to excavate streets in Karanataka’s jurisdiction to stop the smooth flow of traffic in Kerala. It is not possible to hold a check on every person who crosses the Kerala border. So this news helps with the idea to stop smooth traffic flow.

He also told the corona cases in Karnataka increase effectively. Meantime, opposing the move, a local occupant staged a sit-in three days ago. They said that police move affected the movements of the vehicle that enters Kerala. More so, the protestor demanding soft commuting to Dakshina with no essential certificate of RT-PCR.

During the objection as an earlier individual in arguments, the police take him into safekeeping. Chief Minister Vijayan told the new controls were against the directory of Union authority. According to the Union home ministry order, states must not impose travel rules to close their Kerala borders. Also, the government of Karnataka has imposed the latest limit against Union authority. Anil Kant, who is DGP in Kerala, had spoken to his equivalent. He makes sure that essential acts will take in this regard. An IANS who is a health officer said that the number of corona cases is much higher than earlier. These 350 positive cases of corona stood at 4.07%. So government should take some steps.

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