In Kerala, six couple exchange racketeers have been apprehended.

six couple exchange racketeers. The Kerala Police have uncovered a couple-swapping ring, arresting six people so far, with more arrests expected in the upcoming days. According to police, nearly 5,000 couples were proactive approach on various websites that encourage wife swapping. The people arrested on Sunday are Ernakulam, Alappuzha, and Kottayam. The Karukachal police apprehended five people, while the Ernakulam cops nabbed one.

More people are suspected to be implicated, and police say more arrests will be made soon. Many ladies are being questioned by the authorities in connection with the incident. About 30 people who are active members of these Facebook groups are being watched by the authorities. A woman from the Pathanad area in Kottayam district complained, and the police responded. Her husband allegedly compelled her to have relations with 4 other people and engage in abnormal sex.

The police organized numerous teams to apprehend the suspect after getting the report, and the search for the accused was increased with the support of the Cyber Unit. Eventually, the suspects were caught in Alappuzha district’s Thumboli coastal region and Punnapra, Ernakulam district’s Kaloor.

We keep seeing and hearing such news every day.  So is our country adopting western culture?  Is our country getting accustomed to western culture?  At the same time, it is having a very bad effect on our upcoming generation.  The government should pay good attention to this. Due to all this, the activity of domestic violence is increasing.  And it is continuously dragging our country down.

The authorities believe the operations are the result of a well-established scam. The group utilized the messaging apps Viber and Whatsapp to connect. The group allegedly used these platforms to swap photos and set up meetings. Some guys involved in the wife-swapping business allegedly charged money for transferring women to others. Many people from upper social classes participate in such social media groups. The members utilize these social media channels to talk about how they go about swapping wives.

In Kerala, wife flipping is likely to entail a large network of couples. A follow-up investigation can only be successful if any sufferer from the group files a new complaint, according to police. The police also intend to broaden the scope of the current probe to include the entire state. Such groups, which also include ex-pats, are prone to engage in spouse swapping outside of the country.

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