In Kerala, a Woman is Being Investigated For The Murder of Her Sister

Kerala Police Man arrested a 22-year-old lady from Kakkanadu in Kerala on Thursday after her elder sister was found dead due to burning at their home. After ascertaining that the woman who was burnt to death at their house on Tuesday was her sister, 25-year-old Vismaya, the department charged a search order for Jithu. Vismaya was unhappy with Jithu’s love affair, as per investigators. As well as the two, have already fought over it.

Vismaya was also killed, according to the police. Vismaya (Shinju) was discovered dead at their residence, ‘Prasadam’ (Arackaparambil) in Peruvaram’s Panorama Nagar. Jithu is seen sprinting out of the residence on CCTV footage gathered by the police. Jithu took refuge after stealing Vismaya’s phone. The cell phone’s station location is at the center of the police investigation. By the evening, Jithu had been apprehended from her hiding in Kakkanad.

As per the police, Vismaya was opposed to Jithu’s love story and the two had previously clashed over it. Jithu is said to have harassed her family members, according to their neighbors. Previously, a post-mortem investigation revealed that the lady who died as a result of the burns was between the ages of 23 and 30. Because blood traces were discovered at the property, the authorities believe the sisters used to have a physical altercation while their parents were abroad.

On the same occasion, the police stated that they had not received any clear evidence. They have no evidence that Jithu had fled the scene after burning her sister on fire. The fire destroyed the house’s living room. Inside this room, Vismaya’s burnt body was discovered. During the post-mortem, no more bruises were discovered in the body. Jithu had gone missing on previous occasions, according to Ernakulam Rural SPK Karthik.

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