In India, Kerala will be a hub for powerhouse start-ups

Kerala has the potential to emerge as a global start-up’s destination, as informed by the delegates around the globe. On the last day of the Huddle Global 2022 start-ups conclave that is held at Kovalam, in the southern district of the state in Kerala, delegates appreciated India for channelling their startup functions, as per the release issued by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM).

The delegates are very happy because of the initiatives in the structured principles of KSUM. In one of the sessions that occurred, the Consul General of Switzerland and the CEO of Swissnex in India, Jonas Brunschwig, said that startups across the globe most of the countries are looking forward to progress with their product manufacturing space in India, and Israel has received about seven times more investments in startups compared to Switzerland, and Israel has received about seven times more investments in startups compared to Switzerland, including three times more unicorn companies than Switzerland.

The Commercial Counsellor and Trade Commissioner of Advantage Austria, Hans-Joerg Hoernagl, said in a session that about 40 percent of the investors are foreign-born investors, and most of the companies need connections to structure their processes of progress. One of Austria’s 12 innovation offices around the world is in India.

Tanapat Sangaroon, Vice Consul-Commercial Affairs of the Royal Thai Consulate, informed that, aside from human development, the primary sector in Kerala was the food industry. For sustainability purposes, the country can focus a little more on the niche sectors, including IT, electronics, the food sector, hospitality, and healthcare, as he suggested. Also stated is that India can easily attract more foreign start-ups with an exemption for capital gains tax, etc.

Certainly, the Deputy Consul General, Limor Bletter, informed that Israel is looking forward to progress with the southern part of India in a long-term relationship that will be beneficial for both countries. Some of the collaborations with the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms in Bangalore will be revealed in 2023, after the officials’ meeting has been finalised with the discussions concerning the relevant countries.

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