How tourism sector is affected by Covid 19 in Kerala.

A houseboat tourism industry that is Alappuzha in Kerala seems currently a haunted destination.

 It is due to Coronavirus in Kerala. Almost twelve hundred houseboats lie down anchor on the lake. This tourism sector lost three seasons due to Covid 19. Tour workers have not any idea when covid 19 would finish. A tourism industry or sector has been worst strike. The Authority of Kerala has declared a package to revitalize the sector, emphasizing domestic travelers. People hope this condition would improve after the state is vaccinated. Also, at that time, the authority has convened a meeting of every stakeholder of the industry. This meeting is to understand the gravity of the condition and take remedial precautions.

Data of total loss in Kerala

In 2019, Almost 1.18 million overseas tourists and 18.5 million domestic visited Kerala. Since Kerala reported the first cases of Corona in January 2020, the 349575 overseas tourists visited that year—a 60 % decline in numbers rather than before years.

More so, domestic tourists also declined by more than 80%. So it is resulting in almost losses of 35207 crores in that year. All Kerla industries and sectors have had a lot of profits in the past. But due to coronavirus, Kerala faces a lot of losses. All are confused about this condition. They have no nay idea when they can resume their company operations. So, tourism is highly impacting by the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, Joju has a fleet of twelve houseboats in Kerala. So also agitated that all have to wait until 2024 for resume operation completely. Maybe it takes many years to get things normal. Jojy said covid 19 had de-established the industry entirely. People are waiting for when all things get normal and when Corona’s situation will improve.

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