High-speed rail (Silverline) in Kerala has put the landowners in dilemma 

The owners of the land because of certain issues in Kerala are facing hurdles to cross since decades. Implementing the Silverline-rail is a fantastic version of the government, but due to the delay of the process in structuring its function, it is making more noise in harming many of the individuals residing across the taluk of Kunnathunad, Angamaly, Muvattupuzha, and Kothamangalam in Kerala. The land cannot be sold nor be kept by themselves, the owners are struck in the middle of the walkaway without a light, rather the way to have their move. 

It impacts socially in Carbon emissions, use of land, and several more. It is also beneficial to travelling to their desired destinations in saving time, avoiding unforeseen accidents, greenhouse gases (GHG), reducing noise pollution, reduction of carbon footprints etc.

Opponents of the project claim that the large quantity of land is acquired, unemployment for farmers, even though ancestral properties owners are a bit quiet because of the facilities provided by the government to every individual. The government has stated that after the land acquisition order a detailed project report (DPR) will be prepared by the Government of Kerala.

The project is handled by the Ministry of Railways and the Government of Kerala. The survey of the project’s motto is to connect the northern and southern regions of Kerala. The project costs about Rs. 66k crores, for now the government has spent around Rs. 34.50k crores approximately. For the consultation purposes for the surveyors, investigators, etc. the government has spent till Rs. 29k crores. 

The project is under review with the Central Government, henceforth it is getting delayed. The completion of the project date is tentative, and the government will be turning to all the localities with their benefits soon as possible.

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