Heavy Rainfall in Kerala.

Kerala is the place where it welcomes the entry of rain in India from the southern side. At the same time, North India gets an average of 14 inches of rain every year. Kerala reports the rainfall from 10inches to 18 inches because several peaks of the Western Ghats, which are spread across the eastern parts of Kerala, are above 2,000 metres. Hence, they welcome the rain clouds coming from the western side and block them from the heading side of the country eastwards.
This State is the entry of the rainfall in India, but Kerala has also been affected due to a shortage of rainfall due to the western ghats. There have been times when the State has witnessed a sharp 30 percent deficit in rains during monsoon season, and the situation gets much worse in northern districts of the State, where the rain shortfall was as high as 50 percent.
With the shortfall of rainfall all over the State, there can be seen a decline in production in cardamom, pepper and coffee, which is one of the prime exporters in Kerala. As far as paddy is concerned, the farmers in north Kerala sometimes pump water from the nearby sources for their fields during the monsoon season.
Already battered by the pandemic and the consequent lockdown in the State, farmers must deal with another severe blow by heavy rainfall in August. Crop damage has been reported in plenty of hectares of land across the State, which has affected many farmers. As per the agriculture department, farmers were severely affected by the covid and heavy rainfall.
The enormous tidal wave of one-meter height has been seen lashing on the shores forcing the localities to shifts to safer places. The water level in rivers is rising and making a chance of flooding in coastal areas.

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