Graphic designer expires by suicide in Mavelikkara in Kerala.

Covid 19 becomes a primary concern for everyone in Kerala. Presently, things are not going well in Kerala. The state hailed for its efficient plans to combat the 2nd wave of coronavirus. It seeks a resurgence by ICMR. Kerala had at least 44% corona antibodies. The significant rise in infections in Kerala is a big tough challenge. This challenge is to state overstretched wellbeing system.
This news is about a Kerala person. A male Vinaykumar, who is 43 years old, graphic designer expires by suicide. On Sunday night, he founded hanging at his home in Mavelikkara. When some people went to his house, he was Hanging and died. Some of his relatives asked that he died by suicide. He had a financial burden due to Covid 19 lockdown. Because he had no work to repay his loan, he always is stressed, the relatives told.
So he did not face Covid 19 situation.
Additionally, he was a graphic designer at Kodikkal garden for several years. The endeavour was forced to close about one year due to covid. So he was lack of work in a pandemic. Also, he got a notice from the bank to pay his loan. A relative told this might have led Vinay to commit suicide.
More so, a police station officer told the main reason for this suicide might ascertain only after the final examination in detail. There is no suicide notice recovered from this home. In addition, the dead body was moved to the hospital of Mavelikkara taluk for postmortem. Also, the autopsy would be holding after checking the covid test.

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