Child Welfare Committee orders to bring back the child in five days to Kerala into the Baby kidnap case

Child Welfare Committee, The 1 year old boy, who is currently in the custody of a couple in Andhra Pradesh, happens to be suspected to be the child of Anupama S Chandran, who accused her parents of abducting her son shortly after birth and placing him for adoption without her consent through KSCCW a year ago.

The CWC here has declared an order asking the KSCCW (Kerala State Council for Child Welfare) to return the child within the next five days to Kerala, in a crucial development in the contentious ‘baby kidnapping’ case. The 1 year old boy, who is in the custody currently of a couple in Andhra Pradesh, is doubted to be Anupama S Chandran’s child.

According to the ruling, when the child is returned to the state, a DNA test will be performed to identify his biological parents, and the youngster would be escorted by a Special Juvenile Police Unit throughout his travel from Andhra Pradesh.

The news came as a huge relief to Anupama S Chandran as well as her partner Ajith, who had been protesting in front of the KSCCW office in Thycaud for several days, seeking the return of her kid.

Upon receipt of this order, the KSCCW General Secretary is required to bring the child before the Child Welfare Committee within five days, it stated. The baby’s DNA test should be completed as soon as possible, and the kid should be cared for and protected by the Child Protection Officer of the District until the findings are received, according to the order.

According to KSCCW officials, the couple arrived at the office in the morning and picked up a copy of the order.

She expressed her delight at the development and stated that she would continue her protest until she had the kid in her arms. She further stated that the legal battle against the KSCCW officials and everyone involved in forcibly separating the child from her would continue. She is overjoyed and relieved right now. She is hoping to see her baby as soon as possible. She believes there would be few formalities following the DNA test, and she will have her child by the beginning of December, Anupama told reporters.

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