Breakthrough Covid cases in Kerala


Breakthrough Covid cases in Kerala; In the last 24 hours, 3,795 of the 58,344 samples tested in the state were positive. 3,242 people were eligible for vaccination among the new cases, 1,897 of whom received both doses and 1,005 of whom did not receive even a single dose.

The death toll in the state has risen to 42,824, with 50 more deaths recorded as Covid deaths; in the last few days and 195 deaths added from the appeals received.

There are currently 38,583 active cases, with 8.1 percent of those admitted to hospitals or other treatment facilities. Simultaneously, 4,308 patients have recovered from the illness.

3,556 new cases have been infected as a result of local spread. For 200 people, the source of infection was unknown.

The Case Fatality Rate (CFR), which measures the proportion of Covid patients who die in the state; increased to 0.81 percent. Six months ago, it was 0.41 percent. Covid infected 51 lakh people in Kerala, with 42,579 of them succumbing.

Covid cases in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram had the most cases, with 681, followed by Ernakulam (543), Thrissur (445), Kozhikode (413) Kottayam (312), Kollam (310), Kannur (202), Malappuram (192), Pathanamthitta (146), Alappuzha (139), Idukki (132), Palakkad (110), Wayanad (91) and Kasaragod (79).

There are currently 1,61,939 people under observation in various districts, with 1,57,425 of them at home or in institutional quarantine centers, and 4,514 in hospital isolation.

Although According to the weekly infection population ratio (WIPR); 21 wards in 19 local governments have a WIPR of more than 10%. Strict lockdown restrictions have been implemented in these wards.

Many deaths reported from various districts, according to the opposition, were not properly recorded to reduce the death toll. In the assembly, they stated that 13,000 deaths went unreported in this manner. The government, on the other hand, categorically denied this. The government’s claims were proven to be false based on the most recent data. They were emphasising the low death toll as proof of the state’s effectiveness in controlling Covid. Even with the new data, this has been proven incorrect.

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