Autopsy says suicide; wound marks say otherwise

A Tribal man named Vishwanathan was found hanging at Kozhikode Medical College Hospital two days after the delivery of his newborn baby. The deceased is accused of pilfering money and a mobile phone from the hospital waiting lobby on February 10. 

What actually happened?

The couple Vishwanathan and Bindhu, hailing from the Paravayal tribal colony of Wayand earned their living as a daily wager. They delivered their first baby after eight years of marriage. Around 10.30 pm he was accused of theft from the hospital premises. He informed his mother–in–law, he would sort it out. With a premonition his mother-in-law and his brother-in-law Biju ventured to look out for him but their search ended up in vain. 

They complained to the nearby police station. The police ran a search and said they will return with flashlights to search but never returned, says Vishwanathan’s Mother-in-law. The family was thunderstruck to find Vishwanathan hanging on a tree on the hospital premise.

The body was taken to perform post-mortem without the consent of the family members and the report stated, Death by hanging. However the wound marks and signs of abrasions on the body, swollen legs, blood stains on the body, and bulged shoulder say otherwise. The family claims the post-mortem is performed hastily to conceal the facts. And demands a re-postmortem on 15.02.2023.  

The family to the press says there is no chance he committed suicide and has no motive to steal and has enough money to buy medicines. He would not have stolen anything; he is not that kind. If he is a thief his house would look better, says his brother. On 15.02.2023, Gopi his brother pleads with the government to look into the case and make amends to compensate for Vishwanathan’s death. The family decided to go with the case till they find the truth.

As an adage goes, Truth can walk naked but a lie always needs to be dressed. Likewise one way or the other the truth will find its way out.

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