An angered man pours fuel on his wife in front of the family court in Kerala

In Kozhikode, an instance of an attack on women, a 43-year-old man, from Melattur allegedly poured petrol over his wife in a bid to set her on fire outside the family court at Malappuram on Tuesday afternoon. Malappuram police arrested Madathil Mansoor, 42, on attempted murder charges in connection with the incident. He is currently remanded in the custody of the Malappuram judicial first-class magistrate court. This incident happened after the husband and wife emerged from the Malappuram district family court, after the counselling sessions, when the woman was about to go back with their relatives. The frustrated man, with the conversations that happened over there in the counselling sessions, progressed with his anger in the attempt to murder.

The 38-year-old woman, said that the Mansoor grabbed her hand and neck and tried to pour the fuel directly on her as she managed to prevent it by blocking the opening of the bottle in which the petrol was being filled, after this, it spilled on her hand and dress. However, before the accused could take out a pocket lighter, the woman managed to escape the court premises, and rushed out of the court building. The attorneys and the court staff members were present there to shield her from the incident, henceforth, under the protection of all, she was rescued. The cops instantly rushed to the spot and took the accused into custody. The couple got married 17 years ago. The couple is blessed with three children. The woman had been living in her house for the past four years, allegedly, domestic violence was caused by her husband. Mansoor also demanded that the wife live with him during the counselling; he went out and bought the necessary items to carry out the incident, and the dramatic incident occurred. 


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