A vivid picture of the Debt burdened Job market of Kerala.

With management experts and economists identifying void and hiatus in 2021/22, and a budget report formed by the state assembly, the negatives of the Kerala economy got disclosed. The number of registered entities enrolled with the employment exchange crossed the 3.7 million mark. Prof D Aravindakshan states that Kerala got burdened with public debts that crossed 4 lakh INR.
The public Service Community of the state wouldn’t be able to employ 4.5 million people in the next five years, and promises made by the Left Democratic Political Party will remain unfulfilled. Even though its employment record during 2016/21 remains poor, LDF promised to give jobs to 4.5 million individuals.
The Chairman of the Beta Group claims the Traditional handloom, coir, and cashew nut industries of Kerala are declining. Discouraging federal policies and high operational expenses led to the discontinuance of cashew industries, and over 2.5 million people lost their jobs. Note that cashew industries used to be among the top four agroindustries in the nation.
Once Kerala had above 840 registered companies, but 640 pulled down their shutters. Kollam district of Kerala witnessed 700 processing units closing down, and they are less likely to resume functioning.
Proprietors of 4 cashew processing units committed suicide In the last two years of Kollam district. Son of Late Janardhanan Pillai, an economist-turned commentator, stated that he observed with curiosity investors set up processing plants at Andhra Pradesh and other states, abandoning Kerala. For the last decade, not a single manufacturing unit got established in Kerala. The situation will likely worsen as people from the northeast prefer to migrate to Kerala.
An increasing unemployment rate will cause a further rise in criminal activity and the state recording in the criminal bureau records. All these factors further emphasize the pitiable employment condition in this highly literate state.

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