A Swedish Traveler Dumping Liquor Bottles in Kovalam

A Swedish Traveler

A Swedish Traveler Dumping Liquor Bottles in Kovalam on Friday; New Year’s Eve, in a show of claimed high handedness by the police. Immediately after the event, a police sub-inspector was suspended. Steven, a Swedish citizen visiting Kovalam. Kerala‘s premier beach resort emptied two of the three bottles of booze beside the roadside; on Friday after failing to provide their buy bill in front of the cops. He had bought the alcohol legally from a government-run store.

Especially Sub-inspector Shaji who headed the police squad; was suspended when Department Of tourism Minister P A Mohammad Riyas took the severe issue to the police action. Police action came at an inopportune time for the govt; which is attempting to attract tourists to a state following the pandemic. Although It is contradictory to government policy. Such police action would hurt the tourism business. The matter has been raised to the chief minister’s attention,” he stated.

Dumping Liquor Bottles

Moreover Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had requested a statement from DGP Anil Kant on the matter. According to sources, Steven bought three bottles of whiskey from a state-run BEVCO outlet on Friday afternoon. A police squad stopped Steven on his way back from the outlets on his scooter. Which was doing a particular sweep on December 31 to check vehicles. Moreover, they discovered three bottles of booze from Steven’s travel bag during an investigation of the scooter.

Although a police officer demanded the purchase bill, which Steven could not present. Whenever the foreigner wanted to return to the booze store to retrieve the account. Instead of discarding the plastic water bottles, Steven drained the alcohol from them. Police instructed the visitor to get the bill after a passing journalist began filming the situation. He’d already exhausted two bottles by that point. Steven was only allowed to progress after presenting the BEVCO outlet purchase bill.

A Swedish Traveler Dumping Liquor Bottles in Kovalam

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