A Resolution Against The Imposition Of A Levy On Primary Milk Cooperatives Will Be Introduced In The Kerala Assembly

A Resolution Against The Imposition Of A Levy

Resolution, J Chinchurani is Kerala’s Minister for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development. He said on Tuesday that a resolution opposing the Union Government’s step to impose Payroll Taxes on primary milk co-operatives would be introduced in the State Assembly. He also added that it would be embraced unanimously with the endorsement of the opposition. The Minister said the Centre’s move was “completely unacceptable.” He also added that the state would put up a strong fight against the proposal until it was withdrawn. She was speaking after trying to light the “protest flame” at a meeting. It was organized now by the KCMMF), commonly known as Milma, against the move.

“Dairy farmers, who are among the poorest members of society, have been disproportionately burdened by the Centre. This is a devastating setback at a time while they are trying to keep the dairy industry afloat in the face of tremendous difficulties caused by the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

On Primary Milk Cooperatives Will Be Introduced

As long as the decision is not reversed, Kerala will continue to fight it. “In his words, the Minister Chinchurani said that she had previously written to Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. There he requested that the judgment be withdrawn, citing the decision’s negative impact on the dairy industry as a reason for her request. Similarly, the matter was brought up at a meeting of dairy development ministers that was called by the government.

During these difficult economic times, the state government has put laws and programs in place. They were to assist dairy producers. As a co-operative network for whom the primary commitment is to dairy farmers, Milma, including its regional unions, has followed a policy of allocating the majority of its revenue to the welfare of the farmers. According to the CEO of the organization, they did that through the implementation of pension, health, and education schemes.

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