88 year old female was cruelly killed by unsound offspring at Nemom in the Thiruvananthapuram region

88 year old female killed my daughter in the Thiruvananthapuram region. On Friday morning, In a grisly happening, an eighty-eight-year-old female hack to demise at the house and then place burning on the close by street by her spiritually unbalanced offspring at Vellamkettuvila subsequently to Naruvamoodu in Nemom in Thiruvananthapuram region.  Eighty-eight-year-old female Annamma, Karayil Ponnayyan’s wife, was murdered by her offspring  (daughter), whose name is Leela. More so, she is sixty-two years old, approximately 7.30 am  Monday on Leela (daughter), who was under arrest by the law enforcement after that. According to the statement of law enforcement, Leela, who is the daughter of Annamma, who was previously operating in the Gulf, was undertaking a cure for mental ill-health.

In addition to this, Leela is the 2nd daughter of Karayil Ponnayyan or Annamma. Annamma and Karayil Ponnayyan’s other offspring are Selvaraj, Thankappan,  Das, and Selvi. At primary school, Leela hacked her eighty-eight-year-old mother to death using a machete. In a Grisly happening, an eighty-eight-year-old female hacked to death at the house.  After that, she prearranged a pyre on the nearby street with wooden pieces or coconut shells. In addition to this, She also set her mom in flames later than bathing her dead body. In addition to this, Leela, who arrives back home later than commits the offense, sleeps simultaneously watching TV. 

After this case occurred, she was under arrest by a law enforcement team led by superintendent K Dhanapalan. But this daughter proved to be the murderer of her mother.  At the present,  she is under arrest by the law enforcement team, and police during the investigation.

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