The “Doctor” is a Wickedly Nasty Dark Comedy


Doctor, When you walk out of Nelson’s Doctor, the first thing that comes to mind is it is unlike a Sivakarthikeyan film before. Sivakarthikeyan takes the grim role of a military doctor who embarks on a human smuggling group with limited words. This is in pleasant contrast to the colorful entertainers.

Despite its obvious narrative and turns, Nelson creates a wickedly nasty dark comedy that works. There are many unique treatments, which elevate the banalest moments.

The plot is straightforward and well-known. Varun (Sivakarthikeyan) receives a call from his fiancée, Padmini at the beginning of the film. She chooses to call off the marriage. After Varun and his family return home. They get to know that he got rejected because he was uncaring and passionate.

The marriage is postponed, and the word arrives that Padmini’s niece has vanished from her school, raising suspicions of kidnapping. Varun steps forward to assist them. Soon, he realizes the police aren’t taking the case seriously, he take matters into his own hands. The plot revolves around Varun’s attempt to save a girl by confronting a human trafficking ring.

Wickedly Nasty Dark Comedy

Doctor kicks started slowly, and it’s strange to witness Sivakarthikeyan delivering his lines like a robot at first. It’s a mechanical act at first, but after you get through his character, the movie is fantastic. Other than Nelson’s own Kolamavu Kokila, no other Tamil film has utilized dark humor as well in recent years.

Despite a relatively predictable second part, the doctor manages to stay afloat because of its use of humor. This is to make even the most hackneyed sequences feel fresh. Yogi Babu, who generally has few humorous roles in films, gets a lot of screen time. He does a fantastic job as well.

He keeps the film alive in some of its more monotonous parts with his perfect timing and deadpan demeanor. Rajiv and Raghu Ram, both of MTV Roadies fame, play pivotal roles in the film. Not to forget their casting selections are intriguing. Vinay impresses as the smart villain once more. When the film falters, Anirudh Ravichander’s music and score keep it together.

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