Google Employees Angry at back-to-office mandate after Covid 19 Cases reported in office

The new Google return-to-office rule is keeping the staff up at night. The search engine behemoth has requested that its staff members come back to work at least three days a week. The COVID-19 infection management staff has reportedly bombarded employees with notifications ever since they started working there. As more cases of COVID 19 are being reported at work, the employees are growing worried about their health. Some employees of the corporation admitted to CNBC that ever since they resumed working from the office, they have been receiving notices of infections in their email inboxes on a regular basis. Employees are venting their rage and frustration through memes due to the current circumstances.

Google Employees

Significantly, Google evaluated its work-from-office policy in April and made it necessary for employees to be on-site at least three days each week. Employees, however, have resisted the new rules because they have been productively working from home, leading the IT company to record its biggest revenue rise in 15 years. It is unknown how many requests for permanent work from home have been granted, despite the fact that Google has also made this option available. In comparison to other companies, Google reported the most COVID-19 instances in its workplace, according to the public health dashboard for Los Angeles. According to, the Google behemoth experienced 145 infections at its Silicon Beach office in Venice, California, and 135 cases at its expansive Playa Vista site.

Additionally, a Google employee said, “There has not been a significant increase of onsite COVID-19 transmission on our campuses. The numbers that have been reported in Playa Vista and Venice reflect total cases over the last few months, not current or active cases.”

Unvaccinated Google employees are asking the authorities to be allowed to tour the company’s premises because there has already been an increase in COVID cases there. They want the vaccination requirement to be removed because even vaccinated workers are contracting the disease. Through an anonymous manifesto, the group known as the Googlers for No Vaccine Requirement expresses their displeasure with the company’s mandate. Employees find it annoying because non-vaccinated staff members or those who choose not to disclose their vaccination status are nevertheless prohibited from attending official events like off-sites, summits, and team outings.

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