Kerala needs nursing institutions

The influence of the nursing profession in Kerala has grown significantly. An individual can make his presence in most of the hospitals across the globe a greater number of Keralites are nurses because of their patience, dedication, in handling the situations, and managing the pain in providing the required essentials to the patients. Kerala is filled with pride and honour for its citizens in this regard. The identification of the Malayali girls with their designated professions is to be carried on benefitting more people in hospitals, clinics, etc. Few girls face numerous challenges with their family, society, and many others, but finally they choose to be the best in their designation and are to be called everywhere for now. The government has to take a precise look at the same and establishing nursing sciences colleges might be helpful for many. As the employee ratio improves, job security improves, good opportunities for work are noticed, emergency treatments are made instantly, saving thousands of lives, families benefit, and the list goes on.

Despite the Union government’s push for technical courses to be taught in the regional languages, the response has been poor in the state. According to sources, a single student chose Kannada during the recent CET-2022 examination, counselling for engineering courses only.

The first State of the World’s Nursing Report (SOWN), published by the World Health Organization (WTO), stated that the global nursing workforce was at 27.9 million and estimated a global shortfall at 5.9 million nurses. 17% of nurses globally are expected to retire within the next ten years, and 4.7 million additional nurses are needed to be educated and employed in order to maintain the current workforce numbers. In total, 10.6 additional nurses will be needed by 2030.


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