Victory for Heera Group Family 

Congratulations to the Heera Group family on a major victory in India’s Supreme Court. The Hon’ble Apex court dismissed all of the applications and directed that no more applications of this sort be considered by the registrar. The applicant’s attorney was not present, and the Hon’ble court stated that the SFIO is investigating the claim. “There is no purpose of parties who claimed under the various programs entering this court by seeking the impleadment and all these motions stand disposed of with liberty to approach the SFIO,” the Hon’ble Apex Court of India ruled while hearing the matter. 

Because the SFIO is investigating this claim, the Hon’ble Court strongly recommended all applicants to visit the court. All claims in the Heera Gold Case will now be handled by the SFIO, and the Hon’ble SC has dismissed all applications. This is a huge win for the entire Heera Group family, and inshaAllah, all of the cases will be resolved. 

The court also ordered the ASG to take up the matter with the relevant laboratory to find out why the report had not been sent for two years. 

Heera Group is regaining momentum, and everything will be alright inshaAllah. Previously, the Supreme Court granted the exceptional leave petition, which came as a huge relief to the Heera group of enterprises. In their ruling, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice Hrishikesh Roy of the Apex Court have declared the interim bail granted to Nowhera Shaik on January 19, 2021, to be absolute. The Supreme Court had also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the FSL report had remained unavailable for more than two years. The court also ordered the ASG to look into the matter and speak with the involved laboratory to find out why the report had not been provided for two years. 

The Supreme Court of India has ordered the CCS to hand up the Heera Group data three times. They seized 39 4 TB hard discs, 14 operational computers, and server materials. I need all of my data back to successfully rack the company; without data, the firm cannot advance even one step forward. They have, however, taken not only the data of the investors but also the data of the customers. For the past three years, people under the sway of blackmailers have been running social media campaigns against the Heera Group, betraying investors and filing fake complaints. Investors are now delighted with Heera Group and have placed their trust in them. 

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