The Kerala government has extended undergraduate courses for another year!

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has extended undergraduate courses from three years to four years, or eight semesters. Six semesters will be theoretical as per the course chosen, and the students who are willing to stop their education after completing their UG course for three years (6 semesters) will be receiving their completion certifications from the authorized board of education affiliated with the government.

The internship and research programmes will be in the fourth year of undergraduate studies. The students wish to study of their choice on any subject depending upon their aptitude. So that beneficiary concerns will be more for education of this system. Once the four-year undergraduate courses in Kerala are completed, students who wish to pursue PG (post-graduate) studies will be able to enroll in the second year of PG for their chosen courses as a lateral entry without wasting a year on the UG course. R. Bindu, the minister of higher education, social justice, has taken the initiative to move forward with respect to the concern for all Kerala students. Core subjects for a better understanding and learning experience will be focused in accordance with the subject. Apart from this, students who opted for the courses will be gaining practical training courses too. After the discussions between the university members a revised curriculum model will be presented to every institute affiliated to the Government of Kerala in channelizing the same to the students.

The courses will be structured accordingly as mentioned for four years (8 semesters) and will be implemented from the next year. This system of education gains more knowledge pertaining to their specification in the selection of their UG courses and will be introduced with a new form in the academic year of 2023. 

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