NDA for female candidates 2021

NDA for female candidates 2021, The Centre said NDA will welcome its first-ever batch of female recruits in January 2023 after they sit for the entrance exam in May next year. The affidavit that was submitted by the Union government before a Supreme Court bench has not clarified how many women recruits will be trained in the first batch at the NDA.

The Central government petitioned the Supreme Court to postpone the first NDA exam for female candidates. But today, on the 22nd of September; the Supreme Court denied the Centre’s plea to postpone the first NDA exam for women candidates.

What happened before? 

Kush Kalra filed a writ petition seeking authorization for women to sit for the NDA entrance examination. The petition raised the issue of violation of various articles, including Articles 14, 15, 16, and 19 of the Constitution of India; by refuting the opportunity for eligible women to join the NDA.

NDA for female candidates 2021, On the 18th of August, the Supreme Court rejected the Centre’s argument that the restrictions against women; in training on the Pune-based NDA training was a policy decision. “It’s a policy decision that is based on gender discrimination. We direct the Army and the Centre to take a positive view of the matter… “the Bench of Justice Hrishikesh Roy and Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul said, expressing disapprobation of the “regressive mindset”.

On August 18 itself, the Bench ordered that female candidates can sit for the NDA exam. Additionally, the Supreme Court said, it’s not just a gender principle but a discriminatory one also. 

Finally, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal by the Centre to postpone the first NDA exam for candidates. The Supreme Court said This will send the right message to women after giving them an aspiration. Let’s begin this year.

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