Kerala Minister V Sivankutty Has Claimed for Reopening of Schools

Kerala Minister V Sivankutty Has Claimed

V Sivankutty, The ruling party of Kerala has given an ethical nod to the government officials related to the preparation and strategy of the reopening of schools. General education minister V Sivankutty said that the final verdict of the plus; one examination will be given by the Supreme court.

In the meantime, an affidavit has been filed by the government; to the Supreme court requesting permission for conducting the plus one examination in traditional offline mode. The unavailability of computers and the internet for a big number of students has been pointed; out by the government as a reason behind the dropping of the idea of online examination. In fact, the idea of evaluating marks on the basis of the model test; has also been declined by the state.

On September 4 the apex court stayed with the decision of the government about the offline examination mode; despite the active rise of the covid cases. The government has been blamed by the court for not being concern about the student’s health. It has been decided that the examination will start on September 4 and will continue till the 27th of September.

Reopening of Schools

It has been found that this year over 3 lakhs students; are supposed to attend the examination of the plus one. It’s quite obvious that the evaluation process; of the last two years had not been very accurate for checking the potential of students. In fact, that process was not very effective for getting a good college after class; 12 because around the same number was given to most of the students.

Keeping that in mind the government has invited all the students, parents, and a section of the teacher; for constructive criticism of the decision; about the offline examination which will act as a survey. The state has also asked for their different opinion and thoughts regarding the same.

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