Kerala Higher Education Minister found RSS Ideologues’ Books “Problematic”

Kerala Higher Education Minister

Kerala Higher Education Minister, The controversy over the RSS ideology took place when a few of their figures like MS Gowalkar and Veer Savarkar recommended a few books in the syllabus of Kannur University’s Politics and Governance Masters course.

On behalf of the higher education department, Kerala minister R Bidhu said that the controversial syllabus of Kannur; University’s politics and governance masterclass was problematic. The higher education minister wrote her opinion in a Facebook blog post with a statement like “A good portion of the syllabus appears to have been prepared with the idea that political thought means views concerning religion and caste.” 

The controversy started when she pointed out few books recommended by RSS members; like MS Gowalkar and Veer Savarkar in the syllabus.

Found RSS Ideologues’ Books “Problematic”

Minister Bidhu quoted, “The syllabus should allow all streams of political thoughts; in the country and let students critically examine them all and reach conclusions. It would be limiting to introduce political thought through only a few interpretations. She also added, “It will be dangerous to convert classrooms, which should continue to be secular, as spaces for communal thoughts.” Education minister Bindu also wrote that “The higher education department has informed its thoughts on the matter to the University.”

Although the Kannur University has already refused the allegation regarding the controversial book recommendation. According to their statement, it was a step to “saffronise” the education and the syllabus.

The minister has concluded by saying that the government trust will investigate; the syllabus and also will make changes if required.

Those books recommended by the RSS figures. Especially, the student union of the Congress party and the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) — Kerala Students Union and Muslim Students Federation have protested on the campus of Brennen College in Kannur.

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