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Kerala college reopening date 2021, Is India safe from Covid-19? Has Kerala been able to stop Covid-19 from spreading? Should colleges and universities be able to reopen? Only vaccinated students are allowed to attend? Do think children’s education has been hampered because of Covid-19? 

Even before the coronavirus lockdown was imposed, universities across the country had been closed since mid-March. The University Grants Commission released guidelines for their reopening on Thursday.

According to professional organizations, reopening schools is crucial to keeping students on track at all levels.

Kerala college reopening date 2021 for PG and final year UG students on October 4, 2021. From October 18 forward, the colleges will reopen to fully vaccinated pupils.

The state government had already urged all colleges to sanitize their classrooms and prepare for the reopening of Kerala Colleges. The college administrations have been requested to develop seating configurations that ensure acceptable social separation and COVID 19 principles.

R Bindu, Kerala’s Higher Education Minister, spoke with college students online to assure their safety. She stated unequivocally that the student’s safety and well-being would not be jeopardized in any way.

Guidelines for Colleges

Covid-19 guidelines for Kerala College Reopening 

  • Students, teachers, employees, and other stakeholders must use double masks or N95 masks and periodically sanitize their hands.
  • Classroom windows and doors should be kept open, and air conditioning should be avoided.
  • Students with a fever, cough, or other ailments should not be allowed to attend offline classes.
  • College administrations are required to maintain social isolation and avoid gatherings.
  • Under no circumstances can students share a pen, pencil, book, water bottle, or food with their peers.
  • Wherever possible, colleges have been asked to offer safe transportation for their students.
  • At the campus entrance, a help desk should be set up.

Aside from the aforesaid protocols, all state schools have been instructed to form a committee to guarantee that COVID 19 protocols are strictly followed. The classes would be phased in and only last until 1:30 p.m. Students should keep an eye on the government’s announcement for more information on the reopening of Kerala College.

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