International University Graduates no Longer Requires to Complete an Internship in India: Kerala High Court

International University Graduates, The Kerala high court has ruled that a medical undergraduate from a foreign university. Who has completed a one-year internship abroad does not need to conduct another internship in Kerala. After hearing three appeals submitted by Sadhiya Siyad of Trivandrum through Santhosh Mathew, justice PB Suresh Kumar issued the ruling. The petitioner completed one-year internship at various institutions under the Dubai Health Authority after graduating from Dubai Medical College. She then passed the DHA licensing examination and became a licensed qualified doctor.

In June 2019, the applicant passed the screening test required by the Indian Medical Council (IMC); Act to register as a doctor in India’s State Medical Register. She claimed that because she completed an internship overseas and passed the screening test. She has the entitlement for permanent registration with the State Medical Council.

The State Medical Council, on the other hand, argued that the fellowship. According to section 13(4A) of the IMC Act, a practitioner who gets a medical qualification outside of India is eligible for enrolment in a State Medical Register after passing a medical examination and completing a one-year internship.

The court ruled that the requirement that such medical graduates undergo CRRI before claiming permanent registration is incompatible with the provisions of the IMC Act and the Act’s regulations and is therefore illegal and unenforceable.

The State Medical Council’s counsel, on the other hand, believes that the State Council’s decision; cannot be said to violate the IMC Act. Because it only conveys an additional factor imposed by a State Medical Council for acquiring registration, and the petitioner cannot ask the State Medical Council’s authority to make such a decision because it operates under an impartial statutory provision.

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