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Gender-neutral uniform Kerala, As the concept of gender-neutral school uniforms gains traction in Kerala. A segment of the Muslim community has begun to oppose it. They claim that the Left Front government is forcing a contemporary dress idea on children. When more than a few institutions in the state switched to gender-neutral uniforms. And the administration committed support for the new project, protests erupted. Many female outfits had praised the new program, claiming that it would help close the gender divide.

On Wednesday, a protest march was in Kozhikode district, under the auspices of the Muslim Coordination Committee. From Wednesday, the state higher secondary school in Balussery introduced a unisex dress, pants, and shirt for both genders. The new uniform design was under implementation in upper grades from class 10 onward. And the ceremony was inaugurated by state higher education minister R Bindu.

Uniform Kerala

Although “It’s a positive development. Such actions would give the correct direction to overcome the gender divide. She claims that people who care about children will not resist such a progressive measure. “Opposition is inherent when we begin a new move. “However, the administration will fully support such efforts,” she stated.

However, protestors claim that the new law violates the right of female students to wear whatever they want. Surprisingly, there was not a single female at the protest. Several female students came out to declare they were fine with the unisex attire. It is a beautiful program that will assist build the confidence of young girls. Orthodox sections have no authority to dictate terms, said Viji Palothodi.

On the other hand, protesters said that the measure was anti-democratic and an infringement on women‘s ability to dress as it pleases them. However, several female students claimed that orthodox parts were concerned that the new system would stifle the Arab burqua (veil) tradition, popular in many Muslim-dominated districts. “They’re pressuring us to utilize the veil because they’re afraid their grip will be lost.” A Muslim student commented, “This is a decent outfit, and girls can cover their heads as well.”

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