Does Nowhera Shaik Contribute To India’s Development?

Contribute To India’s Development, Since Independence our country has witnessed and achieved significant development. There is a GDP rise, high growth in living standards, income levels, literacy, and so much more. And still, after 75 years of Independence, India is the same developing country. India is so populated and still has millions who suffer without proper education and thereby believing in superstitions, no housing, water supply and adequate toilet facilities.

As the years move on, political parties and governments concentrate more on creating economic development and development in cities rather than upgrading the standards of poor people by providing education, housing, water, medicine etc. As a result, India witnesses the emergence of many social activists who raise voices and work for the abandoned classes.

Contribute To India’s Development?

One such social activist is Nowhera Shaik. What are the contributions of Nowhera Shaik to India’s development?
Nowhera Shaik mainly focuses on upgrading the standards of poor people. She considers and realizes that women too as a non-dominant class and work for them. As a woman, she too understands the significant issues and sufferings of women. Education of girls was the primary interest. To support and afford the education of poor girls, she started her business. Being a successful entrepreneur and founder of the Heera group, she contributed all the profit to the education sector. She kick-started many colleges and educational institutions.

Her first education institution was started in 1988 and only for girls. Heera group Institute mobile clinic is also a remarkable program that positively affects the betterment of rural people. Many such programs like saluting the nation’s guardians and establishing political parties with the justice of humanity all demanded development should also be effective to the backward classes of our country.

With a consortium of 20 companies, Heera group deals with food export, gold investment, granite, tours, and travels extras, now providing a huge economic impact to India. The company now provides services and products in over 50 countries promoting India’s economic growth. Altogether Nowhera Shaik has a contribution impact on socially backward classes as well as on countries GDP.

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