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Aiims ramlila video, On social media, something goes viral every day. But today, a video like this went viral, surprising everyone. Some folks are acting out the Ramayana story in the popular video. It is in the report that the pupils performing inside are Delhi AIIMS students. Throughout the video, the story of Ramayana is mocked. Not only that but Lord Rama and Lakshmana are being referred to in negative terms. Following the video’s global success, the AIIMS Student Association issued an apology.

On behalf of the organization, it was in the notice that while we apologize for the viral Ramayana video, our objective was not to harm anyone’s feelings. So many student organizations have stated that in the future, we would take further precautions to ensure that no similar action occurs at AIIMS.

The AIIMS management also discussed the issue with the students. “After understanding the sensitivity of the situation, the students apologised. They have promised that such an occurrence will not happen again” According to PTI, an official said.

Many portions of the Ramayana are present in the viral video with incorrect language and acting. Lord Rama is also executing Soorpanakha in the play, and his dialogues are a depiction of the film Bahubali. The play also featured a lot of Bhojpuri language.

Many people voiced their feelings on the video when it went viral. It is impolite to refer to Lord Rama in a vulgar manner. On the very same hand, some have claimed that the current generation cannot revere God. People claimed that the artist mocked Hinduism rather than performing in this play.

People have expressed their displeasure with the video and have called for action against its creators. Some have even called for the arrest of individuals who are attempting to insult Lord Rama.

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