what was right about kerala’s response to the covid-19 pandemic

what was right about kerala’s response

kerala’s response to the covid-19 In response to rising criticism of the Kerala covid management system; CM Pinarayi Vijayan asked in an article which model the state could adopt if the current one is inefficient.

The chief minister’s statement was made in response to accusations levelled against the state’s governance in an article written for the party magazine “chintha.” He went on to say that no one in the state perished as a result of a lack of oxygen, and that no one was denied medical care or a hospital bed.

As the number of people affected by the epidemic increased; there was criticism, particularly from opposition parties, about how the virus was handled.

Although In the report, Pinarayi Vijayan stated, “There is widespread agreement that the current containment policy is ineffective. Some people are attempting to purposefully mislead the public by ignoring the facts.

To the covid-19 pandemic

According to the article; Kerala has the highest population density after big cities; and the state has long-standing relationships with many other countries where the virus has caused significant damage. Moreover Complete vaccination is the most effective pandemic defense, and the center’s approach is to maintain its availability.

“If these people are claiming that our Covid 19 containment model is incorrect, which model should we use?” Cm wrote. In Kerala, no one had suffered from a shortage of oxygen. Moreover Nobody was denied life-saving medical treatment or a hospital bed.”

Although to the article; Kerala has the lowest percentage of sick people in all three seroprevalence studies undertaken in the country. Finally He went on to say that the state did not lose; a single drop of vaccination and effectively injected extra doses.

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