USA is pushing India under America first policy for exports of vaccine

USA is pushing India under “America first policy”

America first policy, The US has been pressing India to resume vaccine exports as it seeks to stop the spread. India is regularly in contact with the US via bilateral and multilateral channels. They discuss the supply and timeline of Covid-19 vaccines. 

The supply of Covid vaccines is also one of the primary topics that will be discussed at Quad. Quad is a multilateral alliance. The leaders of the Quad had met in March. They discussed ways they could work together to increase vaccine supplies. 

The initiative was stopped after India was infected by the second deadly wave. The Biden administration wants Modi to renew vaccine supplies to the world. It seeks to reduce the spread of the virus internationally.

Vaccinating as many people as possible as soon as possible is in America’s vital interest. The uncontrolled spreading of the virus inevitably produces new variants. The official from the White House stated that Washington was in constant contact with India.

For exports of vaccine

It is also in touch with other Quad partners regarding the vaccine partnership.

Washington had diverted its supply of vaccine raw materials to India in April. The global shortage of vaccines remained a major obstacle. The official stated that India is one of the most important manufacturers of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. He also noted that international organizations heavily rely on India’s contributions. 

Especially It is crucial that the US engages all its allies and partners in these matters. The US must ensure we take the necessary steps to end this pandemic. The US is pushing India for vaccine exports. However, India had been unable to export vaccines for months. On the other hand, the US had stopped its own vaccine exports for months.


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