UAE temporarily suspends on arrival visa for indians with UK and US visa edited

UAE temporarily suspends on arrival visa

UAE temporarily suspends Last week, Etihad had announced that Indian nationals with a visa or residence permit issued by the US, UK, or an EU member state are eligible for UAE visas. the UAE has been slowly easing its covid-19 restrictions and revising travel protocol.

“The UAE authorities have decided to temporarily suspend the visa-on-arrival facility for passengers who are arriving from or been in India in the past 14 days. We’re working to update our website,” Etihad’s official guest relations Twitter account notified passengers.

“If you’re an Indian citizen, you are now eligible to apply for a visa when you arrive in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi. To qualify, you must have a US Visitor Visa or Green Card or holding a UK or EU residence valid for at least 6 months, and your passport must have at least six months validity,” the airline’s website had said.

For indians with UK and US visa edited

On August 3, the UAE lifted the ban for transit travelers for six countries, including India Taking to Twitter; UAE’s National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority (NECMA) said these categories include those with valid residency permits are allowed.

Earlier this month; the UAE eased covid-19 restrictions by issuing a new travel protocol; that allowed passengers from India and five other countries. however; after arrival in the UAE.

On the other hand; Oman will allow fully vaccinated travelers from India (those who have got Covishield the second dose of; which should have taken 14 days before the date of travel) to visit the country starting September 1.

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