The situation of Covid 19 in Kerala

Presently, things are not going well in Kerala. The state hailed for its efficient plans to combat the 2nd wave of coronavirus. It seeks a resurgence by ICMR. Kerala had at least 44% corona antibodies. The significant rise in infections in Kerala is a big tough challenge. This challenge is to state overstretched wellbeing system.

Where does Kerala place?

The strength of flow in Kerala may gauge while evaluating the condition in neighbouring states. More so, in Tamil Nadu, the cases are lower, from 20,421.But Karnataka has a more significant number of cases in aril to may month. Kerala has a large number of corona cases, such as 3.3 million.It comes under the second Corona caseload Maharashtra. According to research, antibody prevalence is 67% nationwide. However, it is 42% in Kerala.

What made the condition more serious?

Kerala has a higher population density. So the state has an increased number of diseases. For example- diabetes has made its conflict with covid more challenging. There is a lower testing rate in Kerala. So it is reasonable to slow the fight against covid.

In comparison, there has been no bed or oxygen shortage. The system of wellbeing is still overstressing in Kerala. So it may make the condition worse.

What is the centre’s responsibility?

The centre would send yet other experts to Kerala. These experts help to improve the condition. A team of the centre has visited Kerala on July 1st week. The sources told that the secretary of health has written to the authority. They correspond to express issues over containment measures to be followed. A team had expressed satisfaction over measures followed by Kerala. But, there is no interval in the corona case accounted after that.

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