The First Omicron Incident in Chandigarh is a Fully Vaccinated 20-Year-Old Foreign Visitor.

The First Omicron Incident in Chandigarh

First Omicron Incident covid-19 is a vaccinated male. He confirmed as positive in December while visiting family in Chandigarh. He tested negative for Covid today, whereas 5 of his seven relatives tested positive today, with one result still pending.

On December 1, a 20-year-old male from Italy who had come to see some family in the city screened positive for Covid-19. Since then, he’s been in quarantine. His swabs specimens are in NCDC, New Delhi for genetic sequencing. He’d lately visited several of his family here. His complete genomic sequencing result was present on December 11 and confirmed positive again for Omicron mutant,” Dr. Suman Singh, Head, Chandigarh Health Services, said over the telephone.

The traveler had received the Pfizer vaccination in Italy and is still free of symptoms. “He has been immunizing with Pfizer vaccination, which he received in Italy. “He was in isolation for the past 11 days,” the government said. “His complete genomic sequence report was obtained late on December 11 and has been confirmed positive for the Omicron variation,” according to the report.

Is a Fully Vaccinated 20-Year-Old Foreign Visitor.

According to the report, he had a second test on Sunday. He was under house confinement and then again subject to testing on December 1. After completing the eight-day wait period, as per the procedure. He was down with influenza in the second test. Because of his valid passport, health officials submitted his specimens to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in Delhi for genomic studies to test for the variation of worry.

The authorities had previously declared, “If he analyses negative, he would be placed under home detention for seven days.”If his test results are positive, he will be under house arrest until his report is hostile.” According to the Chandigarh state health department, people who qualify for immunizations should receive them as soon as possible. And urged the public to follow Covid norms like wearing masks and avoiding social contact.

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