String of suicides in Kerala

String of suicides

String of suicides in Kerala This extreme action is attributed to many factors, including the general stagnation of the local economy and the loss of earnings and purchasing power of people. Other factors include high unemployment, debilitating debt, and continuous limitations on local economic activities.

Once, out of the blue, he revealed to me that he was in debt for 10-12 lakhs rupees. In response, I offered to sell the house and land. His mind was not in correct frame. ” Akhil, 23 years old, recalls talking to him a few months ago, after his dad, G Vinod, attempted suicide,

After nearly eight years, Vinod’s Irumpupalam bakery in the Idukki district wasn’t performing well. Because of Covid-19’s second round of attacks in early April, the bakery’s main clientele of daily wage earners lost their jobs for four months as a result of a rigorous lockdown and restrictions.

In Kerala

Adding insult to injury, Vinod was harmed in an auto-rickshaw accident this past June while going down a steep incline. Also, during his time in intensive care, he came down with the Covid-19 virus, which forced him to miss work for an additional 2 weeks.

When Vinod woke up the next morning, he drove to his bakery, took down the shutters, and hanged himself. To the police, the victim’s relatives testified that the suicide was the result of financial obligations due to Covid-19. Vinod’s death is not an unusual incident in the state of Kerala.

Three months into the pandemic, a string of suicides have occurred — from Ponnumani, a light and sound store owner in Palakkad, to Santhosh, a cardamom farmer in Idukki, to goldsmith Manoj, his wife and daughter in Thiruvananthapuram, to Sarath, a bus driver and his father.

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