Kerala Breaks Into Top 5 States In Covid Vaccination Drive

Kerala Breaks Into Top 5 States

Covid Vaccination Drive, A remarkable vaccination drive brought Kerala among the top five states. It’s one state that inoculated a single dose of Covid-19 Vaccine to its 75% eligible population.  After seven months of vaccination drive, Kerala completed 61.98% of a single dose.

A miracle happened last month with an aggressive vaccination drive. It covered 17.13% of the eligible population. Till now, 79.11% of people have received the first jab, 31.10% above 18 received both doses. People who received both doses are only 7.67% in the state. 

Dr. Padmanabhan Shenoy, an analyst, has been monitoring Covid across India.  He claimed that 44% of our population has hybrid immunity. It has good protection against severe disease, ensuring low hospitalization.

Goa and Himachal Pradesh lead the chart with 100% of its eligible population got the first dose. They gave first doses to 41.96% and 35.02%. Uttarakhand is the third in a row that has given the first dose to its 90.05% of Population. Gujarat is fourth, which has covered 81.07% of single-dose and double jab to 30% of its population. While Kerala ranks number 5.

In Covid Vaccination Drive

It saw an accelerated vaccination drive in the last 3 weeks. Most of the states manifested a 20-27% increase in the vaccination process. N C Krishnaprasad got honored by the Indian Book of Records. He is running social media awareness campaigns. 

States are focusing on vaccination of the first dose. Likewise, Kerala ensured that people get a second dose sooner. But there is uncertainty about covering all the people above 18 years of age. Minors are less likely to get the first dose of vaccination before September.

Dr. Jayakrishnan AV is the chairman of the Indian Medical Association’s Al committee. He told about Covid vaccines and vaccination strategy. He stated that 25% of paid vaccines available in the private hospitals got used at one go. The demand for paid vaccines is still less in the country.

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