Corona cases in Kerala are increasing day by day

As per the reports from the professionals, the summary on behalf of the corona updates may be 8,84,242 total cases; those individuals who have been recovered are 8,08,377; death counts of the patients are 3,587; and finally, the total tests performed are around 92,10,023. There has been an approximately 15% increase in the number of new cases affecting individuals in the present week compared to the previous week.

The following districts saw an increase in the number of cases in the current week compared to the previous week: Kannur (40%), Thiruvanthapuram (33%), Wayanad (34%), Kollam (31%), and Kottayam (25%). The total physical response (TPR) has increased in the present week in Kannur, Kollam, Ernakullam, Kasargod, Alappuzha, Thiruvanthapuram, Pathanamthitta, and Thrissur.

Considering the COVID-19 cases abroad, the state government on Wednesday decided to set up certain restrictions to avoid the spread of the virus in the state. This was primarily announced by the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, at a press conference.

Vijayan informed the people of Kerala to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and other people because this virus spreads like anything that causes harm to all age groups. Taking proper care of oneself simply entails indirectly taking care of others. Although the COVID-19 cases are fewer in the state. The Chief Minister also reminded the public that the lessons that were learned at the peak of the COVID-19 cases that happened in the state must be followed in order to deal with the pandemic virus.

The precautionary measures to be taken are advised by the state government of Kerala:

Maintaining physical distance of 2 metres.

Wash and sanitise the hands frequently.

Wearing face masks matters a lot.

Avoiding unnecessary travel, meetings, and get-togethers.

Following COVID protocols in public places and establishments.

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